Duplex/triplex industrial mud pumps with various size of piston/liners/plunger and fittings

Gardner Denver offers a full line of FX reciprocating, double-acting, duplex industrial/mud pumps, with various sizes of pistons/liners and fittings. GD pumps can be used for numerous industrial and oil field applications, including oil-line pumping, mine-dewatering, chemical and petroleum products transfer, well-servicing, cementing, mud drilling, water-well drilling and salt water injection.

  • Power range: 17 BHP - 300 BHP
  • Max Rod Load range: 2,680 lbs – 44,000 lbs
  • Max Pressure Range: 100 PSI – 10,000 PSI
  • Variants:
    • Oilfield & Industrial Pumps: GD 25T (TQB) / GD 45T (TQW) / GD 55T (TQC) / GD 65T / GD 100T (TDD) / GD 165T (TEE) / GD 135Q (QBX) / GD 150T (TAE) / GD 180T (TDE) / GD 205T (TFE) / GD 300Q (QAF)
    • FX Duplex Pumps Series: FXF (FF-FXF) / FXG (FG-FXG) / FXX (FD-FXX) / FXX (FY-FXX) / FXD (FC-FXD) / FXE (FC-FXE) / FXE (FY-FXE)
    • Duplex Steam Pumps Series: DAA / DAB / DAG / DFS

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