The automatic reading systems produced by Green Project are designed in order to read all the types of symbols marked with its own machines (letter, numbers and mono / bi-dimensional codes). Applications can be in fixed position (the code is read when the marked product passes in the reading station (f.i. at the entrance of a furnace) or portable, where a scanning pistol is used by an operator to recognize the products (f.i. in a storage area or during the loading of a vehicle). Some models are custom, i.e. they are integrally designed and fabricated in Green Project's laboratory for a specific application; other models are configured or personalized commercial products for reading Bar Codes or QR / Data Matrix codes; in both cases the experience of Green Project in the steel industry assures excellent performances and reliability in the most severe environmental and operative conditions.

  • Optical systems for recognition of digits and binary codes written by TEMA and SPRAY marking systems
  • Optical systems for tri-dimensional recognition of digits and binary codes marked by the PUMA punching systems (mainly Hammer for billets and blooms).
  • Optical systems (fixed or portable) for reading 2D codes (bar codes, QR codes, Data matrix codes) typically marked by INK, LASER or printed on TAGS and LABELS.

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