Radio Remote Controlled Cranes

JMG Radio remote controlled cranes are superior to the traditional cranes in performance as well as maintenance. Components of the crane are easily accessible for operation or service. Radio remote control allows for greater operator view of project. The cranes come with double rotating steering wheel, dashboard and crane controls.

  • MOTOR: Electric; 3.5kW 48V AC
  • BATTERY: 48V 560 Ah; Battery and electrolyte level indicator on dashboard; Full charge provides 8 working hours.
  • BRAKES: Automatic braking system on all wheels
  • CONTROLS: Radio remote control allows for simultaneous driving, steering, and boom operation.
  • FRAME: Fabricated from preformed, welded high-quality steel plating with built-in counterweight
  • WHEELS: Front nr. 2 super elastic 23 x 10-12 'Rear nr. 2 super elastic 18/7-8'
  • BOOM: Boom angle 60 degrees/-15 degrees. Four hydraulically telescoping boom elements; Fabricated from preformed, welded high-quality steel.
  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Powered by a silenced gear pump (9kW); Actuators controlled by electro distributor with an electric joystick; Filter and safety valve; 22MPa working pressure
  • STEERING: 90+90 rear steering by electric motor. Counter rotation system on front wheels.
  • MOTOR PUMP: Electric pump 9kW 48V AC
  • LMI: Electronic Load Moment Indicator (LMI) displays load lifted, maximum admitted load, tilting percentage, operating radius, angle, outreach and more. Includes warning lights to alert operator of abnormal status.

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