Industrial Mobile Crane

JMG Industrial mobile cranes have JMG designed and manufactured, box type frames, with torsion resistant design of high strength structural steel. Its boom is made of molded and welded quality steel plate, comprised of a base unit, a hydraulic telescopic system and two manual extensions. Fully charged, it provides up to 8 hours of work-time.

  • MOTOR: Radio remote controlled; electric; 2.6kW 24V AC
  • BATTERY: 24V 420 Ah; battery indicator on dashboard
  • BRAKES: All wheel, automatic braking system
  • CONTROLS: Radio remote control allows for simultaneous driving, steering, and boom operation
  • FRAME: Fabricated from preformed, welded high-quality steel plating with built-in counterweight
  • WHEELS: Front nr. 2 superelastic 18 x 7-8; Rear nr. 1 rubber 255/80
  • BOOM: Boom angle 60°/-15°; four boom elements (one fixed, two telescoping, one manually extended) fabricated from preformed, welded high-quality steel; telescoping segments fitted with wear pads
  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Powered by a silenced gear pump (3kW 24V DC), insulation class H; actuators controlled by a lever distributor for the millimetric managing of the boom movements; filter and safety valve; 22 MPa working pressure
  • STEERING: 180-degree steering helm; reversing safety device
  • LMI: Electronic Load Moment Indicator (LMI) displays load lifted, maximum admitted load, tilting percentage, operating radius, angle, outreach and more; included warning lights to alert operator of abnormal status

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