Cabin Cruiser Crane

JMG Cabin Cruiser cranes are powerful and compact cranes which can be used for better performance. All movements are remote-controlled, so that the driver with the radio control can move the crane while he is checking the available space. Electric motor allows the crane to be used in indoor spaces without any noise or smog.

  • MAX CAPACITY: 13,200 lb
  • Dimension Inch: 10’6” x 5’5” x 6’1”
  • Front-wheels drive
  • MOTORS: 2 electric motors AC 7,5 kW 72V Insulation class H
  • BATTERY: 72 V - 575 Ah 8 working hours
  • WHEELS: Front nr. 2 superelastic 250-15”; Rear nr. 2 superelastic 21x8-9-15”
  • Rear Steering angle -90°/+90°
  • Electronic safe load indicator and tilting moment limiter
  • Hydraulically foot controlled service brake on all wheels, hydraulically automatic or button controlled parking brake on front wheels
  • Fabricated from preformed and welded quality steel plate
  • +60°/-15°
  • Motor driven pump 1x12 kW-72 V AC

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