Light Tower

A light tower is a part of mobile devices which has one or more high-intensity electrical lamps and a pole. Maco Corporation offers a wide range of light towers in Indian businesses with a soft and sturdy set of light options while discussing all features of capability and safety.

As light towers are a necessary assistant for many building sites, crew can work in various shifts where the outside light is essential.

Light towers are movable light sources often used at building places and works.

Typically, an array of high lamps is installed on a telescopic mast attached to a highway-capable chassis, which houses a diesel or gasoline generator that makes for providing power to the lights.

Remarkable light towers give a battery option for silent running. Almost always, the lights are connected to the mast, which is connected to a trailer, with a generator set to control the lights.

Light Towers

Why engage us for Light Tower?

Our range of light towers was produced to offer the most comprehensive choice when it comes to detecting the light tower that is right for your use. You can also be ensured of the robust build essence and compact size for which Maco Corporation is recognized.

  • Road repair and construction
  • Railroad tracks
  • Wind towers
  • Tunnels

Our Ligh towers in India serve an essential function for military use in forwarding operating bases.

Major sporting events utilize light towers when additional safety measures are taken to account for increased pedestrian traffic inside the venue or outside the area.

Also, transportation improvement projects require light towers for late evening work performed during minimal traffic times.


Power source terms of light towers include:

  • Fuel type and fuel capacity for internal combustion engine models
  • Engine horsepower rating for required wattage rating and electrical load
  • Engine noise output rating
  • Storage capacity for battery-powered models
  • Operating efficiency
  • Operable hours before refueling or recharge
  • Emissions rating