TTE specializes in XTRA-Life ™ rims and discs for all manufacturers of drawworks and many industrial applications. XTRA-Life ™ rims and discs are produced with a special high-alloy material that greatly extends service life and extends brake-block life by resisting grooving, streaking and ribbing. Service histories show that TTE rims and discs last more than twice as long as non-hardened, Q&T and flame hardened products.

  • XTRA-Life ™ Rim, Drum and Flange life can be further extended through an integrated water-cooling jacket which is offered in either a low-carbon or stainless steel.
  • With up to a 2.5 million ft-lbs stopping capacity, XTRA-Life ™ Disc and Rotor Life can be further extended through an integrated water-cooling cavity.
  • Spacers and Hubs are generally used to convert an older rim or drum design to a better performing and safer disc or rotor design.
  • All TTE products are designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Custom OEM designs1 and ASME, ABS, CE and DNV certifications are available.

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