Smart Online Roll Gap Checker

  • It is always installed in the dummy bar chain and the measurement is done automatically when all the casts are started, so quality data can be provided for each cast.
  • The system's ongoing measurements allow you to monitor the comprehensive and up-to-date status of your rolls without affecting the production of the product
  • The SMART In-Chain Strand Condition Monitor system offers fully automated features including data acquisition, wireless data transmission, results analysis and display, and fully automated, non-contact battery charging for seamless integration into existing production activities.
  • Accurate measurement allows simultaneous measurement of roll gap and roll alignment to provide excellent accuracy and repeatability.
  • Since the hydraulic system is not used, the whole system is simple.
  • It can be easily attached to existing dummy bar chain with miniaturized measurement part.
  • A dedicated dummy bar chain designed for the system is not required, and minimal modification is required to attach the system
  • Reduced burden of maintenance and repair, minimized additional cost and maintenance time during operation.

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