Multi Stud Nut

SCHAAF MSN are user-friendly, reliable and are manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. All MSN – Multiple Stud Nuts are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy, proper operation and reliability. They are subject to quality assurance measures during order execution and delivered with detailed documentation.

  • Main bolt is pre-tightened 100 % torsion-free
  • No torsion under load (no thread wear)
  • Robust, durable and lightweight mode of construction
  • Simple and easy mounting and dismantling
  • Permanent maintenance-free connection
  • Wide choice of sizes and designs
  • Anytime quickest control possibility of the pre-tensioning force
  • Mounting with many individuals possible
  • Easy pre-tensioning control
  • Tensioning locking at static, alternating and impact loads
  • Improves the bolt lifetime because of gentle pre-tensioning force generation and pure axial load

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