Saldotecnica has been the pioneer in oxy-cutting technology since 1970. Their oxy-cutting machines are installed all over the world. They are also a supplier of various products of steel melting shop and caster. All the projects are executed on turnkey basis and after sales service support is provided.
Product Range:
• Oxy-cutting machines for CCM-(Slabs, blooms, rounds, beam-blanks and billets)
• Length measuring systems for CCM
• Oxygen lance holders
• Ovens for snorkels heating
• Burners and lances for furnaces
• Ladle and tundish heating/drying stations Regulators etc.
• Shape cutting machines for plates by plasma/flame
• Iron powder injection system for high alloyed or stainless steel cutting
• Spares for Oxy cutting machines like Torches, Nozzles, and Pressure
• Manual torches for heavy cuttings up to 1000 mm thickness

Oxy-Cutting Machine for Slab

Oxy-Cutting Machine for Billet


Pressure Regulator

Safety Valve

Cutting Torch

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