Trailer Mounted Light Towers

Terex® AL™ and RL™ light towers are designed to fit virtually any lighting need — from construction sites and sporting events to mining and oil field applications. Terex light towers include a variety of features and options to help improve the productivity of each unit to match specific jobsite needs. Terex light towers are sold and serviced through Terex Aerial Work Platforms, the same segment of Terex that sells and supports Genie® brand products.

  • Fuel Capacity: 17gal, 30gal, 45gal
  • Durable, cost-effective
  • Up to 90 hours of run-time
  • Tower height: 23.4ft / 30ft / 28ft 9in
  • Variants:
    RL-4 LED Gas, RL-4, AL-4, AL-5, AL-5 HT

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