Personnel Lift Rental

The personnel lift rental gives operators the ability to move about and reach medium height levels with ease.

As personnel lift rentals work best in applications where space is premium but weight on the floor is a cause of concern. They have platform heights that rise from 15 to 36 ft.

Some are manual in operation, while most are AC powered or have a battery and charger onboard for DC operation. Both model types are durable and reliable.

Why choose us for personnel lifts rental?

At Maco Corporation, we offer a wide selection of products. These units are ideal for construction or maintenance on production floors, in churches, schools, warehouses and more. We also offer personnel lifts for rent or sale from Genie.

We can give you all kinds of aerial work platform rentals you want from articulating booms and scissor lifts to rough terrain boom lifts and personnel lifts.

Personnel Lift Rental

Further, we have the platform rental to meet your aerial requirements.

Our personnel lifts make your job easier. We bring up productivity and help keep safety costs down with personnel lifts from us.

As aerial work platforms are an indispensable tool for your worksite, we offer a secure platform and personnel lift rentals with a kind of reach and weight capabilities.

We can give you an aerial work platform rental with slide-out sizes to improve the place for workers and devices.

Are you looking for aerial work policies for rough terrain or indoor use? Look no more than our personnel lifts rentals.

You can be assured our secure, effective aerial work platform rentals will assist you to get the job done.