Pick and Carry Crane

Maco Corporation offer pick and carry crane in india which are widely used throughout engineering, construction and infrastructure industry.

A pick and carry crane are like a mobile crane which is meant to travel on public streets; however, pick and carry cranes have no stabilizer parts or outriggers and are intended to lift the load and carry it to its goal, within a short radius, then be able to turn to the following job.

These compact cranes have lifting potentials ranging from 2 tones to 25 tones and the highest working height of 15 metres. They’re ideally readjusted to forms such as machinery relocation as well as general mechanical lifting.

Pick and carry cranes in India are battery-operated, making them fume-free and fit for work in sensitive or overcrowded environments.

We at Maco Corporation have a team of technical experts who are willing to advise or help you with any, especially complex jobs.


  1. RHINO90C
  2. RHINO110C
  3. 12XW
  4. 14XW
  5. 16XW