Maco Corporation offers a telehandler at the best price in India. Our telehandler is safe, compatibility and ligh-weight.

Telehandler is an extremely versatile lifting machine that’s predominantly used within the construction enterprise. They’re generally known for lifting pallet boards and removing heavy loads from high up, hard to reach spaces.

Telehandlers for rent in India have joint skills to make them more effective at carrying out a variety of jobs. They also now fitted with telescopic booms with a variety of lifting equipment and accessories to suit related posts.


Flexible and high-volume storage

A telehandler can elevate several tons' worth of elements, making them far more floored than similarly held crane machinery. Even high, the flexibility of the telescopic boom enables overwhelming burdens to be lifted at extraordinary heights and lengths, dissimilar to most other mechanisms.


Noteworthy Loading Height and Reach

One of the main fundamental features of a telescopic handler is the ability to lift loads to regularly distant heights and lengths. As the boom handle on our range of telehandlers to contract can move up to 20 meters long, a telehandler can capably transport materials to the extent that would otherwise be difficult for a single-vehicle.


A telescopic handler is a standout amongst the many flexible mobile crane tools available. From forklifts to containers, there are few accessories that can interface with the end of the boom, giving a telehandler a wide range of work that makes it amazingly supportive of worksites.