Temporary Road Mats

Our temporary road mats provide a durable, uniform surface to stabilize heavy equipment on poor ground conditions or for access to particular environments.

Oftentimes, a rough surface poses a problem for construction sites. It can be so uneven or rocky or waterlogged that the movement of machines through it becomes difficult. In such a case, construction workers use temporary road mats. These are road slabs made out of a natural material which functions as an alternative to a road. These are also called composite mats and they are used for a number of reasons. Maco Corporation is one of the leading providers of these road mats, which are available in different materials from oakwood to bamboo flooring and for different purposes, may it be walking or driving or using as a base for construction machines.

temporary road mats

Why should you use temporary road mats?

  • When the correct kind of road mats are used, they make a difference to the quality of the work. It also leads to a decrease in the time and effort being put in for the project.
  • Road mats are smooth and easy to navigate. This is good for the pedestrians and drivers using these paths.
  • Once you're done with your project, you can simply wrap up these road mats and finish the work. You don't have to stay long after cleaning or repairing any mess.
  • To ensure that a project is completed on the set budget and time, marking out safe routes helps. These roads make navigation easier and fast, also because they are marked out.