POWER MnC Co., Ltd. established in 1983, has developed technologies in field of physical measurement and structural safety, being Korea's leading manufacturer of industrial measuring, control and condition monitoring system. Through our various experiences, we have successfully developed high-tech technologies such as caster strand monitoring system, multi-component load cells, industrial weighing system and R&D equipment including data acquisition system and analysis software, and honorably validated through field applications.

POWER MnC also provides professional test engineering and safety evaluation service for power plants, civil constructions, aircraft and automobiles, etc. In consequence of them, we have expanded the limit of measurement and control system.

Caster Strand Monitoring System [Roll Gap Checker]

Smart Online Roll Gap Checker

Advances in Caster Strand Monitoring(Online Roll Gap Checker)

Advances in Caster Strand Monitoring-Roll Checker of POWER MnC-

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